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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 27, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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appear at the news conference where experts have found evidence of liquid saltwater and traces of water in the soil. what if they find little martians like this big. >> you're from mars, i'm from venus. that does it for us. the news continues in washington. with just a month left before he steps down, john boehner speaks out on his decision to resign. the partisanship in washington. even within his own party. and his belief there will be no government shutdown. the speaker of the house in his own words coming up. plus, carly fiorina unplugged. we'll show you the serging gop candidate go head to head with an abortion rights activist over the grew some planned parenthood videos and women's health. and pope francis wraps up his trip to america today with a giant map in philadelphia. we have a preview of the big event.
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welcome to "america's news headquarters" from washington. >> good sunday to you. good sunday to you. the fallout continues from house speaker john boehner, surprise resignation. boehner will give up his leadership position and house seat at the end of october. the scramble is on for his replacement as a lot of legislative battles including a possible government shutdown loom on capitol hill. >> absolutely unrealistic. that's how john boehner described many of the republicans in the conservative wing of his party. it is the same group of republicans who have been trying to replace him and calling for the defunding of planned parenthood as part of a budget bill that president obama has vowed to veto. boehner says that scenario which could lead to a partial government shutdown on thursday is less likely to happen now
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that he's announced his resignation. what his move doesn't solve, though, is the infighting among house republicans, with conservatives calling for a stronger more uncompromising stance from leaders. if that position which boehner calls unrealistic. >> it is easy to have the courage to do what you can't do. but to have the courage to do what you can do, just do it. >> the majority of voters aren't pleased with what republicans in congress have been doing. according to the most recent fox news poll, 66% say republican majority in congress have failed to do all they could to block or reverse president obama's agenda, which is why many in the conservative wing of the party are celebrating boehner's resignation. >> this was a challenge to the status quo in washington. this was never about mr. boehner. this is about the establishment and the status quo and put ing government back into the hands of the people.
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this is -- this is just a win for america. >> many believe the current favorite to replace boehner as speaker is house majority leader kevin mccarthy who hasn't officially said if he's running for the seat. so there is lots of jockeying going on for leadership positions that may open up, but at the same time congress has to deal with the potential of a partial government shutdown if no budget bill is passed by thursday. leeland? >> all right, garrett, we'll see how it plays out. thank you so much. molly? >> the battle to replace boehner could unfold much like the fighting that ended up leaving him to step down. indiana congressman luke messer is the republican policy commit chairman, the fifth highest position in the party. congressman, welcome. >> glad to be here. >> we're so excited you're here. want to get the inside scoop for you. give us the skinny on what happened. first off, was it unexpected to you that speaker boehner would step down? were you surprised? >> i'm surprised it happened so quickly and so suddenly. john boehner is a good man, he did the right thing for the
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right reasons. i believe by stepping aside. i think the institution will remember him well for that. >> and what does this mean for the republicans going forward? there has been so much strife. will this change things? >> means we have to come together. almost by definition, we're not doing good enough now. and, you know, none of this intrigue, none of this drama, soap opera inspires anybody. we have to come together around some principles we can agree on. i think we need to open up the process. the american people are frustrated with what they see in washington. they feel powerless to stop it. and i think many of the members are powerless to do much, like to see us open up the process. >> the next speaker, whoever it is, will they have it any easier than speaker boehner? >> this is no silver bullet. now that the speaker is gone, you have president obama in the white house, a sizable minority led by harry reid and the united states senate. i think our road map out of this in addition to empowering the american people by empowering our individual representatives, we need to focus on priorities
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of the american people. we got to -- folks out there in middle america see their paychecks shrinking, feel like washington is doing nothing about it. i think if we get focus back on the american people's priorities, we can come together and help lead this country. >> republicans from all sides pulling together on the central issues. what do you think the next speaker should be. >> mccarthy is in a strong spot, majority leader and led well and speaker is a very hard job. john boehner had a hard job. i don't think it is a job that just anybody can do. he would be the front-runner there. i think when you get down past that, it is really anybody's guess here, whole lot of strong folks looking at running for some of the other leadership positions. >> some other names thrown out there, representative jeb harserling, let's say mccarthy is elevated to the position, so many people think he will get the next job, that creates other open leadership positions.
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is that where the battle will be? >> i think it will be. we have to come together with a leadership team that brings this conference together. our conference reflects the american people, the republican caucus, the republicans across the country. there is division there. we have to find a team that brings folks together. there is several very strong people there. you mentioned jeb hensarling, scalise, rosscom, tom price. >> do you think that position could be where someone on the more conservative end or someone from the tea party contingent, that would be a good spot to put them as a compromise or your thoughts on that? >> these are all elected leadership positions. haven't run for an elected leadership position myself i know you can't hand it to anybody. you got to win the election. at the end of the day, we need to persuade the american people. we're not going to do that divided. as we work through the leadership, we have to find a coalition, team of folks who bring us together and we even look at what can we do to open
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up the process of individual members have, a voice, because when the members have a voice, the american people have a strong riis. >> fodo you believe there will a government shutdown? >> i don't believe we'll have a government shutdown. it never has been our goal. we'll find our way through this. >> what do you think the way forward? people are going to be watching this, this week. >> well, i mean, first, i think -- i support the approach that would use reconciliation to get the funding of planned parenthood to the president's desk. we have to persuade the american people. we can't force them to do much of anything. and in the process of doing that, keeping government funding as well. >> it is a fascinating week in washington, fascinating rest of this month. we'll see how things turn out. thank you so much. >> glad to be here. and we also want to hear from you. who do you think should be the next speaker of the house? send us your tweets.
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we will read some of those thoughts a little later in the show. planned parenthood supporters crashed carly fiorina's tailgate party at an iowa football game. the protesters -- in access to health care. the republican presidential candidate has been in a war of words with plan parenthood over those controversial undercover videos. >> you want to go look at those videos. >> i did. i'm a researcher with the criminal justice and i did. >> plan the parenthood has never denied.
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>> i do support women. i'm a woman, ma'am. i'm here -- i'm here to talk to a bunch of supporters, okay? and i understand we may disagree on this. but you need to ask yourself some questions. why is it that fetuses are aborted alive? you ought to look at some facts. this is a big political -- >> -- the abortion agenda and planned parenthood. >> how much money does planned parenthood get to give. >> i'll find out and we'll talk. >> how much money do they give to democrat candidates? you go look that up. >> how much do abortion and pro-life people give you? >> not a penny. >> really? >> not a penny. >> since the second republican debate, fiorina has been rising in the polls. just to give you a perspective of how much. in a brand-new poll of
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registered republican voters, fiorina has seen her favorability jump 30 points going from 22% in may to now 52%. president obama is in new york and in just a couple of hours he'll speak at the united nations global development summit. that ahead of his big address to the u.n. general assembly tomorrow. also on the agenda, his high stakes sit-down with russian president vladimir putin. kevin cork is live at the u.n. >> you're right. that meeting you just spoke of, that comes after several requests by the russians to get the two leaders together. it probably underscores i think if you watch carefully the obama doctrine, the idea of engaging enemies or engaging countries and even individuals with whom the u.s. has strong policy differences. now, the president did leave the white house earlier this morning on his way to new york city and the u.n. and his arrival comes amid escalating turmoil in syria, led
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to the dramatic humanitarian crisis we have been watching unfold in europe. many people believe it is russia's involvement in syria that is adding to the problem. especially their efforts to uphold and protect the assad regime. this morning, u.n. ambassador samantha power says now is the time to talk to the russians bee dee spi despite the behavior in syria and ukraine. >> a hallmark of president obama's foreign policy from the beginning has been to test engagement and given the stakes, the human stakes, the strategic stakes of what is going on in ukraine and syria, the president believed to be irresponsible to let this occasion in which the two leaders would be in the same city pass without trying to test to see whether progress could be made on these seemingly intractable crises. >> also today, secretary of state john kerry spoke with the global counterterrorism forum and during that time he told them that now is the time for the u.s. and the world community to get together, to band together to fight terrorism and says if the russians and
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americans are on the same side, that would certainly help. >> it is going to require all of us to step up and do more because the world is looking at this and wondering whether the institutions that have been created for so long to deal with these kinds of issues are going to come together and function. there is no place for indifference at this moment. >> as you might imagine, it should make for an interesting speech when the president speaks 3:00 at the u.n. and it will tell you not only what he has to say, also tell you why some in the chamber won't like the message. >> kevin, we'll be keeping an eye on this and also to be a fly on the wall between putin and obama. we wish we could. thank you for your report. >> what are the outcomes of chinese president xi jinping's visit to the united states was a
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plemg fr pledge from the leader to crack down on hackers. his commitment to that pledge is under serious question. in a rose garden joint news conference on friday, president obama said the with leaders reached a common understanding on promised efforts to stop cybercorporate espionage. but that he would be looking for some follow through. >> the question now is are words followed by actions. and we will be watching carefully to make an assessment as to whether progress has been made in this area. >> joining us now with some insight, former navy cyberwarfare commander gregory keely, ceo of swan island systems. we just heard from the president saying good deeds need to be followed with good words. is there any reason to think the chinese will be leaders who change their stripes? >> this agreement from what we heard from the white house is
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very long on rhetoric, but short on specifics and very short on policy. unfortunately that's something that we're seeing more and more from this white house as it pertains to national security. >> from a former national security council expert, what china said in the past is a lie. it is entirely possible that this is a lie, that was a source talking to me on friday in the hours after this announcement. the question is, forget whether the white house will do anything to the chinese if they don't live up to this commitment. will we actually know if they don't live up to this commitment? >> i agree with that entirely. will they live up to the commitment, no. there is no way with this agreement we can monitor it, no fact checking, no -- >> no concrete things to actually do. >> no nuclear reactor that we can go and poke or test. this, you know, everything is --
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it seems to me chinese premier xi has gone in there, pinkie swore and came out and said we have an agreement. >> one thing that people have pointed out for so long xi jinping was riding high in the world, economy was on fire. just recently he had a lot of trouble at home, most notably the crash of his stock market, shanghai index plummeted. he's very vulnerable at home, and yet the white house rolls out the red carpet for him. you do that, you get something concrete in return for propping up the chinese leader. have we gotten anything in return? >> no, i think you're right, very important question that people haven't focus ed on. not only did we roll out the red carpet at the white house, we also rolled out the red carpet in california and seattle where he went to talk to tech leaders. i hope that they're checking their watches and wallets when leaving because -- >> and smartphones. >> and smartphones. if he had a little stick there, look, the chinese government is in a pretty bad position now.
10:16 am
and -- >> are we exploiting that, though? >> no. quite the opposite. they're exploiting us. what is happening now is the -- what we need to understand is the chinese communist party will do whatever they need to survive and if that includes has beening into u.s. government systems, hacking into the irs, they're going to do that. >> hacking u.s. companies. the other thing that the chinese communist party is doing, the government, is building rather large man made islands in the south china sea. ambassador bolton told us u.s. navy plans to sail into the south china sea near the islands have been scrapped. u.s. aircraft flying over the islands have been harassed. this is a long way from the united states. not far from your home country of australia. and what i'm interested in is is the aussies who for so long have been stalwart u.s. allies. what are they thinking now that the u.s. is turning a blind eye to this kind of chinese aggression? >> again, another good point, australia is bought with the united states in every single
10:17 am
conflict since world war i. if you're an ally of the united states, in the south china sea area, you have very grave concerns, you do not know what the united states -- the reason in the u.s. we need to be concerned about this is the international community is against this expansion of the policy. >> they're looking to the united states for leadership. >> there is no leadership on this issue. this stretches from australia to japan and all the countries, philippines, singapore, et cetera, all have a stake in this. many claim sprattly, but the u.s. to not show leadership on this issue, there is no foreign policy and not having a foreign policy is not a policy. that seems to be the white house policy now. >> we'll see what if anything comes out in terms of policy over the next couple of months. commander keely, appreciate your service to the aussie navy and our navy as well. good luck. thank you, sir.
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a new poll points to trouble for her campaign, hillary clinton says her e-mail scandal is a 90s flashback to republican investigations of the past. >> i have as you're rightly pointed out been involved from the receiving side in a lot of these accusations. in fact, as you might remember, during the '90s, there were a bunch of them. all of them turned out to be not true. >> hillary clinton's latest efforts to manage the e-mail controversy coming up. the european union struggles with the waves of migrants, becoming a campaign issue in one nation where some citizens want to close the door on new arrivals. plus on his last day in america, the pope continues one of the hallmark missions of his papacy, meeting with the faithful in one of most unlikely of places. growing up, we were german.
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across poland, thousands of people took to the streets yesterday to protest the wave of migrants that are flowing into europe, far right wing political groups organized the rally because their government now plans to accept thousands of refugees after an eu mandate
10:23 am
across europe. governments are struggling to cope with the huge number of migrants in croatia today, a wave of migrants made it to a reception center, croatian authorities say they were simply dumped there at the country's border by buses. many became lost, families separated before being found by croatian police. >> it is the last day of pope francis trip to the united states. he's capping his visit with a mass for the masses. a little later this afternoon, the pontiff will celebrate mass with 1 million faithful. he started his day by doing something many wondered if he would do. brian has the latest. >> pope francis met with five adults earlier today who really suffered sexual abuse at the hands of catholic priests when they were children. this was not on the official
10:24 am
schedule, but did it in a city hard hit by the sexual abuse scandal. 21 priests were suspended for being suspected of sexual abuse and they found the archdiocese here covered much of that abuse up. a big meeting. we're told it was 30 minutes long. it took place before he spoke to 300 bishops at the world meeting of families today. we're told the pope listened to the victims' stories and prayed with them. saying he felt their pain and suffering and in a speech to the bishop after, he called the victims, quote, true heralds of mercy. he said these acts which cause great pain and violated trust can no longer be a secret and promised he'll do something about it. >> i commit to a careful oversight to ensure that youth are protected. and that all who are responsible
10:25 am
will be held accountable. >> a strong statement and the pontiff also said he has a trip called up -- a vatican tribunal that will investigate and look no accusations that bishops all over the world have been covering, pedophile priests. on top of that, pope francis visited the prison here in philadelphia, which houses prisoners which are serving time. he met with some of their families and correctional officers. the pontiff saying, i know this moment is painful for you and your family. but he said everyone has something to be cleaned up. he shook their hands, even hugged them and blessed their rosaries. >> to keep a helping hand, to
10:26 am
give you a hand to help you rejoin society. >> just incredible, right? an amazing, amazing sight and sound from pope francis. here, the big mass, the culmination of the six day historic trip to the united states. the crowd is set for the 4:00 p.m. mass. you see the altar there. happening at the foot of philadelphia's museum of art. it is going to be a sight to see. up to a million expected here. and already they have given out the program. this is what the program looks like for the many people here waiting to hear the pontiff's message before he takes off tonight at 8:00 p.m. back to rome. >> brian, incredible to watch the pope's journey and you have an incredible seat for it today. thank you for your reporting. >> senator ted cruz has taken the top spot in a presidential straw poll, but according to a new fox news poll released this morning, it is another republican that is enjoying a
10:27 am
surge in popularity with voters across the country. we have all the day's campaign news broken down coming up. plus, this may look like a lake, but you will never believe what it was just yesterday. >> this was just flowing water. >> screaming and carrying on. >> i thought they would lose their cars and caravans and everything. >> you will never believe what happened in an extraordinarily dangerous situation down under. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help
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if you can't put a feeling into words, why try? philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before, making it the most loved electric toothbrush brand by americans and their dentists. innovation and you. philips sonicare. in her latest effort to manage the e-mail scandal dogging her campaign, hillary clinton is comparing the controversy to republican led investigation into her husband's administration more than 20 years ago. this comes as a new fox news poll shows clinton's popularity with voters hitting a new low.
10:32 am
more on the republican side, ben carson is on the rise. meanwhile, jeb bush is saying early polls don't really matter anyway. kristen fisher is here with the latest from the campaign trail. >> there are two new polls out today and both are good news for dr. ben carson. the first is a fox news poll which gives him the highest favorability rating out of all of the gop candidates. 46% of voters have a positive opinion of him, that's up 20 points in just four months. the second poll is a poll that shows carson essentially tied for first with donald trump, 21-20%. marco rubio tied with carly fiorina for third at 11% followed by jeb bush, john kasich and then ted cruz. jeb bush had an exclusive on fox news sunday where he was asked about comments made on the campaign trail this week about how democrats played to african-american voters by offering, quote, free stuff. >> people are comparing that to
10:33 am
what mitt romney said in 2012 about free stuff. the implication that they're drawing is that you think all some people want is government handout -- >> to the contrary, we need to make our case to voters and all voters that an aspirational message fixing a few big complex things will allow people to rise up. that's what people want. they don't want free stuff. that was my whole point. >> hillary clinton made her second sunday show appearance of the campaign season. today on "meet the press", she unveiled a new line of defense. she compared the ongoing investigation to the investigation into her husband's administration. listen. >> during the '90s, i was subjected to the same kind of barrage. it seemed to be at the time endless. and then when i ran for the senate, people said, hey, we're more concerned about what you're going to do for us. i trust the voters to make that decision this time around too.
10:34 am
>> according to this new poll, 56% of those voters now have an unfavorable opinion of hillary clinton, including half of the women voters polled. that has to be a troubling statistic for the clinton campaign. >> we hear there is a lot of discussion in brooklyn about that issue. kristin fisher, thank you. to the republican side, ted cruz cemented his status as a favorite among social conservatives. for the third straight year, the texas senator won the presidential straw poll with 35%. while front-runner donald trump didn't fare too well, he got 5% support, even though he brought his bible with him while he was speaking at the gathering and showed it off to the crowd. what do the latest polls mean in the race for the white house? let's bring in our fair and balanced political panel, david aviellia, chairman of go pac.
10:35 am
in the sense that cruz wins overwhelmingly in the value voter poll, he wasn't in the top six in what is the latest poll from kristin fisher. which is more important? >> straw polls are the worst indicator of who is going to win an election. ask rand paul, ron paul, ask michele bachmann. they're not great indicators. all that said, knowing the makeup of the audience of the voter values summit, it probably is a good indication of who will win iowa. if you look at where the race is today. ted cruz. >> you say straw polls don't matter, the thing that people say, and political experts tell you, favorability rating. we have new fox news numbered released this morning about hillary clinton's favorability rating. risk of sounding like a broken record, they are at new lows. all time new lows. here is the latest poll. this is among registered democrats, important. and those favorability numbers have dropped 11 points in just a
10:36 am
couple of months. the question to you, julie, is there a floor for how well hillary's numbers go in this sense? >> look at her numbers among democrats. still very strong. not as great as they use ed to be. but they're still pretty good. the question for hillary is at which point does she have to start talking about issues and not talk about the scandal anymore. >> she would like to talk about issues. >> absolutely right. my question, once that happens, eventually it will have to happen, we cannot -- >> last batch of e-mails not until january or february. >> that's when people start voting. the problem for her, if this continues on, it is problematic. if it is continuing now and this is the floor and she gets to talk about issue and reminds democratic voters where she is, you'll see her numbers start to rise. that's not her decision. >> bernie sanders talking about all the issues he wants now. >> right. >> everybody who watches the interviews today knows she's lying.
10:37 am
julie knows she's lying. hillary knows she's lying. >> talking about "meet the press". >> she can say republicans have conspiracy theories, but here is a conspiracy theory we know is fact and joe biden and the white house thinks she's vulnerable and that's why he's considering running. >> look at his net favorability. joe biden, number two, top two of net favorability. ben carson of theplus 19, carly seven. look at the net unfavorable. hillary clinton minus 18, jeb bush minus 21, donald trump minus 25. how concerning is this? you look at somebody like joe biden who get in. >> joe biden, this applies to everybody else who may or may not get in the race.
10:38 am
joe biden had a lot of very goodwill for a very unfortunate circumstance the last few months. nobody is beating up on joe biden now. he got in the race, ayou would see favorability increased and unfavorability decrease. hillary is always a pole arizing figure. either beloved or hated. and she knew that going into the election. if you look at the underlying numbers, she's in a strong position to get a nomination and the general election too. >> to that point, we have a few seconds left, the last word, is it better for republicans if biden stays out because they can focus on hillary clinton or is it better to have biden in for republicans so she hopefully beats up from their perspective on hillary. >> the best thing for republicans is to nominate someone who can win in swing states like virginia, colorado and owe owhio. if we get to 270, we have to have someone who can present conservative ideas that can get votes in virginia, ohio,
10:39 am
florida, colorado, those swing states that are going to decide the election. >> a lost peopt of people say t marco rubio. julie, dave, thank you very much. appreciate your insights. more soon on that. more on this in the next few minutes. pope francis will wrap up his very first trip to the united states. so what does it mean to american catholics, specifically american spanish catholics. talk about a synci isifrnin in g sinking feeling.
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10:44 am
opens, swallowing a hand full of cars and camping trailer. one camper said he watched as the ground just eroded before him. >> smashing away, sledgehammers and stuff. still trying to get the car out. people were, like, you got to get out. and it wouldn't. >> the hole now filled, about 500 feet long, ten feet deep, officials evacuated about 140 people from that area. thankfully no reports of injuries or anybody getting sucked in. >> you think about that, about how lucky they are, it happened at night when people are sleeping in those campers, have kids in the campers, people decided, you know, thought about, maybe there is a sue namnam tsunami was coming. all sorts of things could go wrong there. >> thankfully it didn't. looks beautiful there today. moving on, in our news
10:45 am
segment here, real news, investigators in the phoenix highway shootings are re-evaluating the possible timeline of events. saying the first shooting may have been a full week before what authorities initially thought. that's according to the maricopa county grand jury indictment against 21-year-old leslie alan merit jr. he is a suspect in at least four of the 11 freeway shootings, though he denies his involvement. will carr is in our west coast bureau with more on the investigation. >> that indictment came out on friday. in it, merit faces 15 felony charges after investigators were able to use ballistics tests in four of the 11 shootings on i-10 to actually link the gun that he had, which was a high point nine millimeter to shootings that happened back in august. now, they learned that merit pawned that gun, but before and after the shootings took place. authorities now think the first shooting happened earlier than they originally thought.
10:46 am
that's because a driver in a bmw realized he has a flat tire back on august 30th. he took his car to the dealership and that's when they found a bullet fragment in his tire. thanks to tire technology, they think his car could not have -- could have been shot as many as eight days before that. authorities also believe that three other shootings linked to merit's gun all happened on saturday august 29th. the case continues to play out in the court system, registration for concealed carry permits triple in some parts of phoen phoenix. authorities maintain there could continue to be copycats out there but also point out that to date there have been no additional shootings since he was arrested. >> will carr following the investigation as he did the shootings from los angeles. thanks, will. in a few hours the tr-- wha effect will the pope's visit
10:47 am
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pope francis is about to wrap up his visit to the united states. christopher hale is there in philadelphia for the mass. and you've also had a unique journey. you've been there from washington to new york to philadelphia. what has it been like? >> there's a tradition that saint francis was sent by god to rebuild the church. and i think that pope francis will rebuild the church in the united states. so many people, reduced to tears, his ministry means so much to the young people, so it's been a fascinating experience. i feel like it's a spiritual pilgrima
10:52 am
pilgrimage. >> and how are the youth in america being affected? >> one of the aspects of millennial life, it's a culture of exclusion. pope francis wants a society where no one is left behind. he connects with 20-somethings and 30-somethings. we share the same values, we all have a name, a faith, and a future. this is very relatable to youth around the world. >> he put out a call to the young to be brave and opt for marriage and family. what do you think about that call? >> i think it's a call we should take -- when he talks about family life, he does so in an
10:53 am
inclusive way. he's inviting everyone to married life. he does this in a way that i think is new and transformative. and one that i think people will respond to. i think young people will perhaps look to a life to total fideli fidelity. >> and he spoke to modern culture not meeting spiritual and communal needs. your thoughts on that? >> for sure. pope francis hasn't communicated this but others have. i think there's a global emphasis on superficiality. i think what he's calling, and
10:54 am
not just consumerism, but anything that degrades the human relationship in society. he's the most famous user of twitter in the world. but there's a sense in which we need to encounter people. i think he's asking us to reevaluate technology and consumerism in the light of the gospel. >> christopher hale, thank you for talking with us. and enjoy tonight's final mass before the pope goes back to rome. >> thank you. and tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern, our pope coverage continues. bill hemmer will look at why christianity has seen church attendance dwindle, and if it
10:55 am
can be reduced. still ahead, what a convoy. literally. a long line of semitrucks, as far as the eye can see. so, we'll tell you why all these 18-wheelers are rolling along the roads of fargo, north dakota. coming up after the break. ♪ ♪ we've got a long way to go and a short time to get there ♪ plans start at $2.99 a month. ♪
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we asked for your thoughts on this question. with speaker boehner stepping down, who should be the next speaker of the house? maria says mark levin. and toblue says, anyone that hasn't been there for life. drivers in fargo, north dakota, may have thought it was a monster traffic jam. instead, it was billed as the world's largest truck convoy. we'll see the trucks in a minute. there they are. nearly 118 trucks rolled through, fans gathering to cheer them on. so, it was a 14-mile route, for a good cause. raising money for north dakota's special olympics.
11:00 am
so, we'll give you a horn salute for that. our pope coverage continues later. great being with you this weekend. "fox news sunday" is next. i'm chris wallace. today, the former front runner of the republican party, governor jeb bush, on regaining momentum after the summer of the outsider. >> let's talk about where you stand in this race. we'll go inside his campaign in his home state of florida. >> the next president of the united states. >> how you doing? >> and ask about these controversial remarks. >> our message isn't one of division and get in line and we'll take care of you with free stuff. >> jeb bush, in his first sunday


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